Comparison Between WordPress Joomla and Drupal

For last 1 week I was comparing all CMS and was trying to figure out the best on for my need. I have developed lots of website on joomla, drupal and wordpress. I have good experience with these(Joomla, Drupal and WordPress) and have good understanding of the feature available in all 3 CMS. All 3 CMS are good but when it comes to take a decision for the website where you have vision to provide the out of box services then it is bit tough.

Drupal :

Drupal is not only an opensource CMS tool but also a very good CMS framework. It provides you a lots of feature of creating an optimized CMS site. You can easily setup a site in very flexible way.  View and CCK in the drupal make it very powerful. You can create your cms in your own way in drupal with CCK and view. Structured code of the drupal makes it very reliable. Drupal has very powerful community support. Following is the key feature of the drupal.

  1. Nodes
  2. Taxonomy
  3. View
  4. CCK
  5. Extensive access control
  6. Best theme integration

Above feature are very rich in terms of the content management system. These feature makes drupal not only CMS tool but also the CMS framework. The basic difference between CMS tool and framework is, a cms framework is a tool by which you can create cms tool for your self. So Drupal is feature rich and flexible cms framework by which one can create a good cms tool for himself.

Drupal has good community support also. You can get a very good documentation at and also there are lots of forum around the web on drupal. I am very much sure that if you have some problem in your drupal people on the web has answer. Drupal has super strong community support. You can get lots of Drupal module in free of cost. Also there are lots of paid module are available. If you are looking for the developer to maintain your drupal website you can very easily get them and in very competitive price.

Now the other part of story. I have already mentioned that drupal is very feature rich content management framework. So it is bit complex. Drupal view is good if you can create it in correct way otherwise it will hamper the website performance. Drupal need some extra care from your side because it is very feature rich. You need to hire a good developer to integrate your website design(we commonly call it “theme”) in drupal.


Joomal is a very very good opensource CMS tool. If you have proper setup of the joomla you can forget anything about your cms tool and can concentrate on your content management. Joomla is mid level content management tool. It has pre-built good sets of feature to manage your website content in various way. Joomla has specified sets on the content presentation style which almost suit every business. Even you can display your website content in blog design or you can very easily change it to magazine website style. So joomla is not as big as drupal but its generic sets of features make it the best CMS tool. Usability of joomla is very easy. No need to get any special training to run a joomla based website. It is very easy to use for the webmasters.

Joomla has good community support and very good documentation on You can very easily get any module to extend joomla. It has very good paid support and service available in joomla. Webmaster can go over the internet and can get that there are lots of developer available in joomla. Cost of maintenance of your website in joomla is bit lower then drupal. Sets of feature in joomla is also bit lower than drupal. As I have already mentioned that it is mid level content management tool.


First of all let me clear that the wordpress is not a generic content management tool(cms) it is a cms for the blogging sites or web blog. Lot of people thinks that it is a CMS but in reality it is not. One can use as cms is the different thing. WordPress is a very very easy to use CMS for blog website. It is designed to taking blog website in the consideration. Some people use wordpress as their website CMS because it suits their requirement. Because in small website people need category navigation, specific style content presentation, a backend by which they can post. And all these are available in wordpress. If you talk in terms of blog management tool then it is very feature rich cms but if you are talking about generic CMS feature it does not have lots of features.

WordPress has super community support. You can get better documentation everywhere for wordress. Also it is very easy to use tool and even you can login into admin panel and can start managing your website even without going for the documentation. I personally love wordpress for its usability and efficiency.

My Personal advice For you on CMS selection

If you have a big-big website and want to use CMS tool then go for drupal. Drupal has good infrastructure to manage big site very efficiently. But drupal require good development task and need some maintenance. So I can say that if you have good money and long vision for your website then go for Drupal. Also if your business plan changes frequently and require frequent changes in your website design and workflow then again Drupal is the best choice. In nutshell drupal is f0r the big website. If you are conceren about your website administration security within your company then drupal provide very rich set of access control list(ACL). ACL of Drupal make it more secure.

If you have a website is mid level typical content serving website and it your very stable business concept which is not going to change. Go for Joomla. Joomla specially suitable for the mid level publisher. It has required sets of feature to run a normal CMS website. If your content security and website visiting is is on mid level then you can go for Joomla. Maintanence cost of your website is also bit lower then drupal. So if your pocket is bit light and have vision for a good website you can choose joomla. It is not premium but not less then premium.

If you are running a small website or blog, only go for wordpress. WordPress is cost effective solution for all your website need. But if you need a different level of security, different content placement pattern then this is not a good solution. If your concept changes quickly and content display pattern alos getting changes it is not suitable because you have to ask your developer to change theme. So wordpress is fantastic for bloggers and people who want to run a website in very nominal cost.


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